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About Netpex

To provide support and care to vulnerable young people and to help them prepare for their future to live positively and independently.


Statement of Purpose

At Netpex, our aims are to prepare, equip and support all our clients in acquiring the necessary skills to live independently. This is achieved through direct one to one support work from experienced, qualified support workers. 

All our units are staffed 24/7 and all support workers, night or day, work towards the same goal by supporting our client group as well as keeping them safe and healthy.

Our main aims are to ensure all new clients come to a welcoming and friendly environment where they can feel safe and supported. All service users are booked in and then taken through our support package, which consists of accessing Education & Training facilities, accessing all health services for their annual checks, evaluating their independent livings skills through direct one to one work.

At Netpex we strive to enable all young people who live with us to build their lives the way they wish to live them, providing them with the required assistance to achieve their goals and aspirations. We make it very clear we are not telling them what they need to do, rather we empower them to make positive decisions.

Positive moving on is always encouraged and negative behaviour is dealt with swiftly and fairly helping individuals to learn that positive living is about being respectful of others and abiding by the law whether in house or in the community. 

We aim to make young people’s memory of Netpex a happy one and something to look back on when they’re older and wiser. Quite often we’ve had previous clients coming back to visit us to express their appreciation for helping them to manage boundaries even if their move on was not positive. Thus Netpex has been awarded with a certificate of appreciation from Islington Young Peoples’ team and we’re very proud of this achievement.  

We are set up to work across all the local authorities, to their specification, recognizing that our aim and ethos is always to follow the “Every Child Matters agenda”. This is paramount and is reflected in our daily approach to both our residents and their representing agencies. Our dedicated staff team thrive on utilizing and developing the necessary skills and specialism’s required to meet the multidisciplinary needs, required to deliver the best service we can, over and over again.