Please see below measures and strategies that Netpex has put in place how to deal with the current Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Our support staff have engaged with all of our residents in key work sessions and held residents meeting to discuss the expectations ensuring awareness of COVID-19, how to keep one’s self safe and that everyone is safeguarded.  The staff have also encouraged and shown the residents how to use social media (Zoom, Hangout etc.) to keep in touch with family, professionals and friends in the current climate of social distancing.
  • We have supplied additional educational literature (electronic and hard copies) and entertainment games (indoor and outdoor) to keep the young people entertained and motivated whilst they have to abide by the current lockdown.
  • We have requested for all of our support staff to remain extra vigilant and immediately flag up concerns about COVID -19 so the appropriate help is sought. In the event that one of our residents or staff is confirmed to have Covid-19, we will notify all the necessary Local Authorities that have young people in that particular placement, we sincerely hope that this will not happen.


  • Putting up health posters regarding Covid-19 on all the notice boards and communal areas in all of our accommodations
  • We have supplied all of our homes with PPE which includes alcohol based hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, face masks, aprons, paper towels. The hand sanitizers and disposable gloves have been placed in the communal areas – encouraging all staff, residents and visitors to use it as required.
  • We have ear marked additional suitable self contained stand alone flats across London and Brighton should our current residents need to move out to self-isolate or if we receive referrals for young people including UASC that need to self-isolate.
  • All of our provisions are equipped with thermometers and anyone entering the premises must undergo a temperature test.


  •  We have recruited experienced and qualified support workers to be ready on stand by should we have an issue with our current support workers getting ill or having to self-isolate. We also have these additional staff ready if there is an increase in referrals for young people.
  • We are offering additional online training to our support staff and young people on topics that are applicable to the current Covid-19 pandemic EG: “corona awareness” “how to cope with isolation” “home schooling” etc.
  • We created a Business Continuity/Contingency Plan to reflect strategies in place to manage any potential outbreak of COVID – 19. Copies of this was sent during the latter part of March to all Local authorities that we work together with.