Senior Care Director

Maureen has worked with young people for over 25 years. In this time she has gained experience in varied settings from 0-22 year olds.

She relates well with young people and she has experience of working in residential settings for approximately 18 years. She has been a key worker, team leader deputy manager and has managed 2 residential units, which have both maintained GOOD ofsted ratings!

She has worked in Mother and baby settings where she supported the young mums to prepare for child birth and then she was part of the team in terms of observing the bonding and the nurturing processes and had to write assessments for Social Workers and support the mums to encourage their babies to thrive.

In semi- independent settings she has supported the team through good leadership to ensure the young people managed their allowances and budgets for the week, alongside encouraging the team to support young people with their employment and education needs.

Maureen has also worked with young people/adults with disabilities.

This makes Maureen the perfect member of our team for the position of Senior Care Manager in which she oversees and manages the care managers of our units.