What we do

With a high performing team of trained and motivated staff, we are experienced in working with adolescents in care and supporting young people during this transitionary period. Our staff form special connections and relationships with the young people, which provides a stable base for long- term behaviour change and improved resilience. Every individual is encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle, social integration and a good education to equip them with the necessary life skills.
Support is incorporated into every aspect of engagement, including: career and education planning, key work sessions, 1:1 reviews and much more.

Dedicated Support Worker

At Netpex, every individual is allocated a Support Worker. The Support Worker is matched based on their knowledge, skills and experience, coupled with the needs of the young person.

A Support Worker creates sessions in line with Netpex’s independent checklist to promote independence. Sessions include and cover areas such as:

  • Budgeting (including supervised food shopping if required)
  • Benefits (universal credit, income support/JSA and housing benefit)
  • Cooking & cleaning
  • Health and safety in the home
  • GP/opticians/dentist registrations
  • Applying for key documentation (Passport, Nation Insurance Number, Driving licence etc)
  • Physical/emotional wellbeing
  • Staying safe in the community